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Nicholas R. voted I'm not sure, I don't know what it is
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he ROCKS!......MORE »
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Ahhh. That's a porn :-)......MORE »
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I bought two LTD's in one week. I got a TE-212 for $259.00, I didn't know what to expect. It's an amazing guitar for the money. I liked it so much, I bought a used RW for $500.00, everyone says they're amazing for the dough.......MORE »
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Yeh I got some saving up to do......MORE »

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Hi Joost. I have seen this guitar in a hands of a usual customer. It is not gonna be a new signature model. You can order it as Custom order. It will be a simple order, just color has changed. All the HW a dimension specs......MORE »
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saketman posted the forum post ESP Junior II 1989 Custom Shop New York 48th street for sale

I'm selling my ESP Junior II 1989 Custom Shop New York 48th street  The guitar is in Mint conditions Everything is perfect. The frets are 90% okay ESP Sinclair Bridge H-S-S: Bridge Humbuker: DiMarzio......MORE »
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I am a Christian rocker/Singer/Songwriter of 42 years experience. Praising the Lord through music is NOT a hobby for me.......MORE »
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