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Cheers mate, much appreciated.The car has 26,500 miles on it and is like new inside and out. It's a December 1991 model.I have owned it for 10 years now, bought it when I was a young pup.I am very fortunate that where I live......MORE »
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Thanks! I'll go back to the seller with that info. What features give you that indication? ......MORE »
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Thank you......MORE »

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Not a real ESP, not an LTD with a replaced logo.  From the photos, it's hard to tell if a previous owners put actual EMGs in it, or if they're the same garbage with the fake logos that the Chinese builder put in.......MORE »

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Buy the Gibson (or Epiphone, etc.) and put the EMGs in it.  Not a difficult thing to do, especially with the solderless system they use.  Fitting a battery in the Gibson cavity is tight, but possible.......MORE »

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Way too new for a 48th street (by a decade, at least.)  You're near the top end of where I've seen similar guitars on ebay, but not outrageously so.  I'd expect to see it in the $7-900 range, but in exceptional......MORE »
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nice, i was expecting a 7 string guitar demo, and i've just watched a simply low tunning 2 string breakdown demo. well done, esp.......MORE »

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