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$2,5k-$3,5k is a realistic price nowadays.......MORE »
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You may be right. I looked up some Sinclair bridges on Google and they looked similar to the Schaller I had. Maybe after Sinclair went belly up, Schaller took over the design.......MORE »

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Anywhere from $2000 to $5000USD depending on the buyer.  You find them on eBay fairly often, (black more often than a white variation), but I'm not sure that they're actually selling at the $3K+ price, anymore.  See......MORE »

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Seen them on YouTube , these kids can rock!! ......MORE »

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Yes, it's legit.......MORE »

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jjpaz -La furia del dragon- ESP LTD f-10 Customizada ......MORE »

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Thanks, I will try breathing in and out multiple times per day. I will update you with pics and vids of my breathing gains.......MORE »

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so I'm thinking about selling my mx 250 it's vintage white or really yellowed Snow White. It's absolutely mint I was wondering what it was worth?......MORE »
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