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nice, i was expecting a 7 string guitar demo, and i've just watched a simply low tunning 2 string breakdown demo. well done, esp.......MORE »

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Hi guys,    I'm looking at trading some audio gear for a couple of guitars and this one was offered to me. Its trade value is pretty cheap (under $500 AUD) and all I know is that its a Chinese made guitar.......MORE »
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Ok thanks for the info pushead ( Iove the name lol XD) so I'd realistically have to get an explorer and some how put active pickups in it. how would one do that?......MORE »
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Thanks dude...i paid 1045.00$ for it and i was always aware of the mirage standard models long ago but this one is a different bird.i have the original bridge pup but needs lead wire work....what would you have paid for......MORE »

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Early to mid 90s, maple top, hard to tell the body wood from the neck plate pic.  Maple neck, rosewood fretboard.  Probably a Seymour Duncan JB at the bridge.Not sure I'd say that it's a "Custom Shop" guitar. ......MORE »
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Spec-wise, they're essentially the same; mahogany body and necks, 24.75" scale.  The ESP (typically) has an ebony fretboard, the Gibson (typically) has rosewood.The ESP has a wider nut than the Gibson.  The Gibson......MORE »