Ukultur created the poll What kind of music do you want to hear from me?

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Timothy J.

Timothy J. voted on the poll What is your preferred headstock match with the "Horizon/H" body shape?

2014-08-20 14:35:55 UTC
Timothy J. voted TEARDROP 3-per-side style (ESP Original Series Horizon, ESP USA Horizon)
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♥messiah♥ replied to the forum post How to get ass like this. Guitarguy plez help!

2014-08-20 13:35:31 UTC
How is that supposed to be fun?  Kids are stupid.......MORE »
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ChainOfThought posted the forum post Help me pick a pickup eh?

2014-08-20 11:22:43 UTC
I want to throw something new in my 7321, the stock pickups just don't really do it for me.  I've used X2N's pretty much exclusively for the bridge position since 2006 or so, so I'm definitely predisposed to go ahead and......MORE »

PapaLaz999 posted the forum post Help - ESP/LTD MP-600 Signed by Michael 'Padge' Paget

2014-08-20 11:20:22 UTC
Hi all, First post on here, so hope I don't break any forum etiquette. I bought a ESP/LTD MP-600 a few months back. It was sold as ex-demo from the shop, but was pristine. Amazing guitar, one of (if not THE) nicest I......MORE »

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Philip L.

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2014-08-20 09:32:13 UTC
Check this shit out, dont be a pussy, listen and share!!!  We Are Nemesis, The Coming End!!!!......MORE »
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Where to buy it?!......MORE »