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Awesome pics Alex. I guess anything is possible. Is it possible ESP made Vintages with additional damage on thr front? Of course. Is it likely? I personally don't think so if the damage is very noticeable and doesn't match......MORE »
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Tondog replied to the forum post Need some advice about my LTD Vulture

If the wood was good, I'd have looked past it. You could get one with a big knot or void in it now. Just sayin.......MORE »

Tondog posted the forum post Very Cool MX250

Not mine obviously. Pretty nice looking fret job too. »
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Well after viewing out a war drum lol its starting to come back how should I teach my son though mom said acoustic I only have electric am I down playing his learning curve or anyway to trade my esp for a acoustic......MORE »
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Would it be possible to have a replica of this guitar made?......MORE »
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slab replied to the forum post Shredding

I'm just trying to win that sweet Ltd give away.    Seriously,  find the paul Gilbert and Marty friedman lesson videos, best in the business. ......MORE »

NRudy replied to the forum post ESP custom eclipse / khdc / jh-3 / truckster VS. Gibson custom les Pauls mod to KH DIFFERENCES ? what's better pros cons and for clean and or distortion

@ big dad p I was just on the ESP site shows same pricing I'm using a phone so maybe it's different as in Kirk Hammett they have the stblk n BC khdc same msrp and still same I think it was $5499 each where are you seeing the......MORE »
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Good to know ......MORE »

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Horse hockey.  Use reverb, delay, flange,  delay,  more phaser, and 2 metal zones to hide any lack of skill.   MetronomesMetronome, only teach you how to play with a drummer.    Drummers......MORE »
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