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They got my forum spammed up and they all aroundAin't none of them seeing if they going straight pound for poundI gotta come up real quick before they start to clownI best pull out my copypastas and lay them busters down......MORE »

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I actually had a 2004 B-304 bass (no longer have it), with both ESP and LTD on the headstock.......MORE »

Zhalman replied to the forum post so what exactly is the ESP LTD connection?

I had an LTD EC-50 with 4 knobs and it had both logos too, bought it used but the guy said that's how he purchased it from a store so.........MORE »

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ESPEXP replied to the forum post NGD: ESP MX-220 EET FUK

Here's a pic of my 1989 ESP MX-220 (Damaged Justice Tour Year) and 1991 ESP MX-250 (Wherever We May Roam Tour Year) ......MORE »

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"SK8N22Z"   Christ.........   How many gold chains are you wearing right now?   ......MORE »

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One more for tonight. Warning! The Monster is Loose! Dentage Artist sig Sorry Raps, no soup for you. But we have some Sperzel Trim Lok tuners. ......MORE »
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And now Ouija White... Classy usage of a white support tab Now if they would only have used a white truss rod cover Equally unfortunate black back plates Serial number. This is a prototype 52P but based on the......MORE »
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