jt76 replied to the forum post Guitar without serial number or manufacturing place

2014-07-10 13:32:02 UTC
Thanks,  I had not seen one without a serial number, or done with a sticker before.   ......MORE »

jt76 posted the forum post my ltds, post your family

2014-07-10 02:46:03 UTC
these are all LTDs top row left to right mid 90's MII deluxe trans red, mid 90's MIII trans blue, kh 502, mid 90's mii trans red, ec256 cherry burst, ec256 vintage black, mid 90's ec200 trans blue, viper deluxe, mid 90's......MORE »

jt76 uploaded a photo

2014-07-10 02:42:40 UTC

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2014-07-10 02:39:40 UTC
picture please - i can help if you need points to post let me know.   ......MORE »

jt76 replied to the forum post Favorite Signature Model From ESP

2014-07-10 02:19:40 UTC
Esp exp neck thru with het set Is a close second.  Third is purple sundburst tiger geoge lynch.  ......MORE »