Good day my fellow string stranglers. How's everybody doing? I know six months ago I said I was going to post a video of my new guitar being played. LOL finally posting something. Woke up this morning is it it's about time I actually didn't record at least a little segment of me playing the guitar and put it on the ESP website as well as YouTube. Hope you like it. - updated
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Aria Pro II LS-450, ESP LTD MH50NT, ESP LTD V50, 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom, American Showster Metalist III, Greg Bennett Ultramatic 4, Ibanez Talman, ESP LTD D 4, and ESP LTD EC 256FM
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Crime dramas and Comedies
METAL AND HARD ROCK, Jazz, and Blues
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Line6 Spider IV 75, ZOOM 20/20, Peavey Vypyr VIP 2, and Line 6 Spider V 120
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Too many to write here.
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I have been playing self taught since April of 1979.  Never a day without playing. 

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