ESP Eclipse II ACSB, LTD Alexi-600, and LTD Gus-600
Playing guitar, Watching Sports, Buying Sneakers, Repaing Gadgets, Listening to Music, Working Out, and Working Out
Castle, Almost Human, Law & Order, and Monday Night Raw
The Dark Knight Trilogy
Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Jazz, and Blues
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall 2x12 Cab, Tech21 Power Engine 60, Marshall AVT 150, Dunlop Crybaby Kirk Hammett, Boss PS-3 Harmonizer, Boss NS-2, EMG JH Set, Seymour Duncan Blackout Modular Preamp, EMG Alexi Laiho ALX, and Line 6 POD
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Gus G, George Lynch, James Hetfield, kirk hammet, and Alexi Laiho
About me:

Just a guy that loves to play whenever I have free time.  I love playing with other people an dont mind learning new things since its gonna make me a better player anyway. 

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Condorfour designed a M-7 HARDTAIL - Condorfour

M-7 HARDTAIL - Condorfour

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