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ESP WM-1 (Water Melon -1)This was an old butchered ESP M1-Custom guitar that previously had 4 different paint jobs and extra pickups and controls installed and routed etc and was bought back to life with the best airbrush......MORE »

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Oh good. Yes i will do that thank you. i used this guide K-2527......MORE »

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I have a LTD DV8-r in black and it played just as good as the ESP version. i could never sell it! I must of had it 7-8 years ago.I think the main difference betwwen the Mustaine model and the Standard Series V is the fret......MORE »

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Get yourdelf on the Facebook page UK GUITAR AMP/GEAR EXCHANGE page. i was offered a 90's lawsuit headstock string-thru Horizon and it has been sold on by someone else.Ask on there, someone should know about it?......MORE »