91 esp Horizon purchase new in 91, 1996 H 200 with many upgrades, Epiphone 335 Pro Custom, Epiphone Nighthawk Custom, ESP H300 Upgrades, 1987 Hamer Sunburst Double Cut, and 1982 Washburn FV-2V Japan Matsumoku Made (Awsome Guitar!)
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ESP Player since the late 80s. My main focus as far as music is Metal from the mid 80s to 1990s

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HAPPY 40TH ESP! Bought my first one back in 1991 and 25 years later still playing ESP!......MORE »

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Not Bad. I like it.......MORE »

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absolutely Horibble......MORE »

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Hi Jt. Your information has been VERY helpful. I wholehartedly agree with the quality of the H200's. Ive tried to tell people how good of a guitar they really are. The ones that listened were not dissapointed. As I said, I......MORE »