fender american standard strat, esp ltd h-1007, and ibanez ict500
writing/recording/playing/listening to music
drugstore cowboy, buffalo 66, slc punk, hellraiser, the doors, and spun
zakk wylde/alexi laiho/mark morton/jason hook/jimi hendrix/derek trucks/, guns n roses, led zeppelin, the doors, the clash, dream theater, whitesnake, skid row, zz top, robert johnson, the pixies, ozzy osbourne, korn, system of a down, iron maiden, albert king, lynyrd skynyrd, kreator, cannibal corpse, suicidal tendencies, infectious grooves, nofx, soundgarden, nirvana, motorhead, megadeth, misfits, deep purple, and aerosmith
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
jim dunlop crybaby wah-wah, boss ds-1, boss fuzz, and mxr evh flanger
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
jimi hendrix
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