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Sephiroth liked the forum post Re: Metallica 2017 WorldWired Rig

Took the time to watch it and listen, 2 points : - I heard Justin talking about a new pickup on the KH Purple Sparkle (he calls it like me, and not like ESP does B. ), I can't hear it clearly but did he mentioned a "68" to......MORE »

Sephiroth liked the forum post Re: Your Custom Shop Experience

A friend was living in Tokyo and went into the Big Boss store to enquire about placing an order. I then communicated the spec to him and ordered a vintage white MX-II with a rosewood board back in February.   It was......MORE »

Sephiroth replied to the forum post KH Series Neck Dimensions - Post Yours

I just used the calipers to measure in Inches then used google to convert from inches to mm. such a small scale I believe I'm out on some of the measurements.  ......MORE »

Sephiroth liked the forum post Re: NGD: 1993 ESP Kirk Hammett Ouija Neck Through Reverse Islamic Flag Inlays

Here are few more pics of SteelEdge's Ouija that Erick posted a while back:   ......MORE »

Sephiroth liked the forum post Re: ESP KH-2 White Zombie

I've only played one so far and it plays great. I need to restring it to what I like though to really enjoy it. It feels pretty comparable to the '09 Ouija. The neck might be a hair thinner but I have to check it out with the......MORE »