Pushead replied to the forum post Question about a viper 400s Bridge

The bridge currently on the guitar should be a Gotoh Metric tune-o-matic.  The way to tell for sure is if the adjustment poles have a screwdriver slot like this:Instead of just the top of a small post like this:  ......MORE »
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No no no ! Rob is great, no doubt !!! but I'm still not convinced with the last couple of albums. The style has changed, and this is not my favourite Volbeat, hate to admit...  ......MORE »
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I agree. Are you going to purchase the album when it comes out?  ......MORE »
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Benjammin replied to the forum post Replacement bridge for LTD 256

On second thought, if I was going to replace the saddle screw, do they come in different sizes?......MORE »

Guiguitarz replied to the forum post Hello, sort of new here

Welcome to the board Andrei ! Nice collection, thanks for sharing.......MORE »

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It's worth what someone will pay for it.  It might be worth $1k, but I think you'd need to find a buyer who understands the age of the guitar and what ESP had available at the time.  Considering the price of similar......MORE »

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Benjammin replied to the forum post Replacement bridge for LTD 256

Great thanks. Out of curiosity, do you know if the stock bridge is 12" or 13.75"?......MORE »
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JohnsViper posted the forum post Question about a viper 400s Bridge

Hello everyone, I want to buy a new bridge for my recently bought Viper 400 because it is kinda beat up and I would like to ask you, how do I know what measurements the replacement need to have? how do I look it......MORE »

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