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Atreyu's guitarist, Dan Jacobs.  Google pictures of his guitar.......MORE »
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Pap, I opened up the backplate and I do believe it is a clearance issue as to why the plate was not recessed. I measured it and there is only about a 3mm clearance max to the claw so surface mount seems to make sense. That......MORE »
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AKSSARAA posted the forum post LTD Please Step Up Your Game

Over the years I looking that LTD brand is getting more behind compared to Schecter and Jackson in term of specwise and design. Here some suggestion for this matter. -Bring in compound radius fretboard and make it a bit......MORE »

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Thanks a lot - really helpful.  I have to know for sure that they will fit, so do any of you if it's possible to see a drawing/diagram of those I have installed (from factory)? I know that the hole is 10mm in......MORE »

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I wish they were a direct replacement but I don't believe they are. The screwhole should be straight not slanted. I've tried finding ones to fit my MX-250s before and no such luck. The hipshot ones were the only ones that......MORE »

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Pushead replied to the forum post Locking tuners for Vintage Plus Distressed

I'm not sure if they're a direct replacement, but those new Gotoh locking tuners are fantastic.  I have them on an E-II Eclipse, and they're much nicer (IMO) than the Sperzels I have on a bunch of guitars. ......MORE »

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Actually I want to change my 43mm R3 nut to 42mm R2 nut. 42mm nut will give slightly closer string separation, more ideal for techical playing. What actually means 43mm nut width is the width of the finger board at the nut.......MORE »
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Now that can be a reality: Oh Yeah......MORE »

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