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Do you still have the guitar? how much the guitar?......MORE »
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Just make in in this color configuration. Do double edge binding like current DB model. Make it neck-thru. Offer in E-II, and LTD level. Collect the ca$h.......MORE »
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Sad to report we are at a stalemate with the Green Burst. Problem still not resolved and following has been done...... - changed battery - adjusted neck - adjusted the action - adjusted pickup height - jigged the guitar......MORE »
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connected 2 boxes yeeeaaahhh! :D Comment

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To ensure thatis how I will suggest you create your anti-aging Dermafy Serum evaluation, independent of the glossy magazine that is expensive ads. Seek out scent in something and refuse it. To check out items that may induce......MORE »
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Hi ! i need your help,guys! i got this gibson offered to trade my Grynch Owner says it's a  Gibson Les Paul STudio Tim Shaw 1983 i know nothing about studios.here are a few pics.unfortunatelly low res for now. i......MORE »

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I hear you, let's hope ESP does as well. Reminds me of Henry Ford and his line regarding car colors; "you can have any color you want, as long as it's black" The Ltd. MH-1000NT STB, MH-350FR DBS, EC-1000FM ASB, EC-402V DMZ......MORE »

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I have to admit I've owned a few guitars in my day but I believe I have found my "go to" and "want more of". I bought a LTD MH 350NT a couple years ago and it always seems that I return to it and it's become my favourite and......MORE »
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I think I was about 13 or 14 years old ......MORE »