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Of course I was skeptical by nature going into studying these "savvy cognitive boosting supplements" – because well, this isn't Hollywood and it is hard to know if the health enhancements/benefits will be worth the risk/reward of potential/possible side effects… I mean I consider myself a spiritual being and person and want to be able to have the highest connection possible, whether it be passive or go time I want to be at maximum sharpness if at all possible. Comment
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It's keeping the phone calls to esp usa at a minminimum.    I have zero interest in the product at this point.    My money will go elsewhere.    Bye, Felicia. ......MORE »
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Build a new forum, they said. It'll be great, they said.......MORE »

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i would defenitely be joining.  \m/......MORE »

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Hi larsen,  probabily your ESP was made with an optional part (the floyd rose bridge). This thing was possible  in ESP Japan factory (and then also in ESP N.Y.). I know this because I have a particoular ESP (......MORE »

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So I was playing my ESP KH-WZ which now I've had for 2 months which was brand new and I have Ernie Ball .11-.48 on it with a string action of (bass side) 5/64 and (treble) 4/64.  2 weeks ago, I started having problems......MORE »
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New website..........The ultimate salute to the world's greatest  guitarist​! \m/ ......MORE »
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Hey guys! First time post on here. Huge George Lynch fan. Check out my profile to see my toys. MANY Lynch related toys to include the his Mr. Scary Tiger prototype and the very first Tripler Pedal prototype thanks to the man,......MORE »
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