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Not sure exactly which plate you are referencing but saw this on eBay. Not sure if it will fit but they accept......MORE »
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I may be wrong but the body looks more 250ish as well with a 220 headstock.......MORE »
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I'm sure better expert opinions will chime in. But the first thing that would have sounded the fake alarm to me is the bright snow white finish. MX220 would have been the yellower  Olympic white plus it would have......MORE »
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BRUH......MORE »
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Hello, You regulars must be getting tired of people seeking to get their ESP certified, but I've got another one-> It has an Epiphone jack, passive pickups with EMG enscribed, knobs that are not centred......MORE »
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Six years ago I got hacked for putting up a video of me playing my new guitar but without pants - just my underpants. The discussion did not focus on my guitar nor my playing, my legs were apparently more lively debated, so......MORE »
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Actually he owns an ESP Horison NT-II with EMG's, it is on Architects video clipes. But LTD MH-350NT DBSB is surely very close mate!......MORE »

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 packers and movers in gurgaon......MORE »
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Black and Gold! Perfect guitar for me! I Love It.......MORE »
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Wiggy posted the forum post Can anyone shed some light on my bass?

Hi guys, last week I came into possession of a 1984 ESP Custom Shop Bass... And that's all I know. It's in fantastic condition, lovely flame maple top and I think mahogany back, and I have a feeling it may be one of the Dusty......MORE »

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