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by the way, any idea concerning the ESP M-II CTM (EMG 81/85) ?? someone tried it ?   My two Customs (Bride and Dracula are actually ESP M-II CTM and used to have 81/85, that I switched to 81/60, they are a bit......MORE »
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There is a used NTB KH-2 on Reverb right now: »

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Thanks, the Gotoh isn't too expensive, I'll try that. Will the bridge (12" radius) need any work to fit a guitar with a 350mm/13.75" radius?......MORE »
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I remember that line from the old Dragon Warrior game, but apparently it's in The Pokemons, too?......MORE »

Pushead replied to the forum post Replacement bridge for LTD 256

You might just be able to replace the saddle screw, though with a quick search I couldn't find the size of the screw.The replacement would be a Gotoh Metric Tune o Matic bridge.......MORE »

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I think it looks great in the vintage/tobacco burst!  I'm not always a gold hardware fan, but it really seems to suit the finish.I don't know much about the model, but it looks like an ash body and maple neck.  I'd......MORE »

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Much of the smell comes from the glues used to attach the fabric to the padding and the tolex to the wood.  Some of the smell also comes from the guitar finish itself curing.  As the glue dries (and the finish......MORE »
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Hi mate,I have never played that exact guitar sorry man.But I do own many KH2 NTB guitars that would be very similar to that particular guitar.ANY of my KH2 NTB guitars are simply the best metal guitars in the world if you......MORE »

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Both amazing. It all comes down to the shape you prefer. You can always get the other later in the future. I have both and both are very comfortable, great sounding guitars. ......MORE »
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Greetings from Greece. I got this beautiful guitar recently. When i got her, she was stripped down from original colour and i had her repainted. I'm trying to find out some info on the guitar because all i could find was a......MORE »

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VitalPeak XT......MORE »
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