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Only a matter of time surely. Some miss out this year, but perhaps they will get in next year or the year after.......MORE »

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I noticed the Doris Yeh signature model sold on the website, vs the ones being sold in stores such as guitar center are different. The one on the website is a neckthrough body, and the one in stores is a bolt on neck. Does......MORE »
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Agreed. I feel the only difference between my old esp M-I and new E-II M-I are the letters on the headstock. That is good to hear, I don't care the name on the headstock changes, but its important to know the......MORE »
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It's two separate pieces of binding.  It's not uncommon to have a slight line betwen the two pieces. That's not saying there isn't anything wrong, but if you don't see a similar crack along the edge of the fretboard on......MORE »
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Hey everyone, long time ESP enthusiast, I have a LTD B-254, that was my first bass. I love it, it still gets the most use till this day. My newest addition this year is a LTD f415. The f body is a sick design, and feels......MORE »
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I stopped caring a long time a go about the Rock N Roll hall of fame. So many good bands that deserve to be in there, and they are always overlooked. ......MORE »