esp ltd f-350 and esp ltd b-104
music and computer games
inception, pirate of the caribbean, lord of rings, School of Rock, and the píck of destiny
bleach, one piece, fairy tail, and Death Note
babymetal, melodic metal, rock/metal, power metal, speed metal, Lordi, Maximum The Hormone, SOAD, Miku Hatsune, Tenacious D, DragonForce, The Gazette, and Sabaton
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
zoom g2
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
frederic leclercq, Herman li, Sam Totman, and chris broderick
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Kamil Sadoch

Kamil Sadoch voted on the poll Favorite strings brand

2014-07-23 19:58:01 UTC
Kamil Sadoch voted D'addario
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Kamil Sadoch

Kamil Sadoch liked the comment on Who is the best guitarist ?

2014-07-23 19:57:25 UTC
none of them.........MORE »
Kamil Sadoch

Kamil Sadoch voted on the poll Best gauge for Floyd Rose.

2014-07-23 19:56:56 UTC
Kamil Sadoch voted 10-46
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