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rtudtyidui......MORE »
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What a shame man, the shipping weight gives it away that the guitar was not in the case from the start. Good to hear Paypal have stated that, hopefully they don't give you any drama.I didn't see any pics, can you post the......MORE »
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Henty H. replied to the forum post Hands-On Review - E-II Eclipse vs ESP Standard Eclipse

I have a couple of ESP'S, but all of them standards and horizons.  Had my eye on a EII Eclipse but just could not bring myself to pull the trigger on the deal.  So I have ever since been wondering if I made a......MORE »
Mike A.

Mike A. replied to the forum post Searching to buy a Ouija LTD guitar

Wow it worked!  ......MORE »
Mike A.

Mike A. replied to the forum post Searching to buy a Ouija LTD guitar

Mike A.

Mike A. replied to the forum post Searching to buy a Ouija LTD guitar


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Craig voted EC-1000 Koa
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ஞ 【ØlØ↔9749↔7899】 군포출장안마 Դ 안양출장안마 ஞ 하남출장마사지ஞ 【ØlØ↔9749↔7899】 군포출장안마 Դ......MORE »

BloodJunkie replied to the forum post ESP Viper discontinuation?

Thanks, will check that out.Not sure of the year, will check tonight. Its been in its case unplayed for about a year. Right now looking at trying to trade it for a tenor banjo but if that falls through I'd like to get......MORE »
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hahaha good joke...finishing a song XD ha fell for it eh? Comment