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I don't know, it's a crazy topic isn't it.I LOVE my guitars to be mint condition, but I would also love to own a beat up and trashed guitar that is 50 years old.But I would also never buy one, does that make sense? LolPerhaps......MORE »
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The new esp 7 string guitars are fucking awesome! damn man i want one of them so bad. Especially the new Buz signature. Damn Comment
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Hardwire is most certainly a huge nod to the past. The speed and tempo mixed with the angery lyrics really makes the song work. I hope that the rest of the album is just as good. It's good to see the guys continuing to......MORE »

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That would do it. The older Eclipses have the Les Paul style knob configuration, so you have room for a pickguard. Newer models have three knobs farther forward. I rewired one of them to a pickup selector switch. ......MORE »

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Love it...can't wait to hear more!!......MORE »
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I absolutely love my LTD Vintage 214. It's my go to bass for the studio because the tone is so wonderful, but it's just too heavy for gigging. Some sets run over 2 hours and the weight is an issue. Is it possible to buy the P......MORE »
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Been a while since I signed on. Check out me playing my LTD TE-407 on tour @aaronashes ......MORE »
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Yeah, fender charges 5k for those. ......MORE »
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Looks great! If I wanted to do this with no distressed look, what ESP model would I need? An old European Model ESP Eclipse I - CTM ??......MORE »

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Pics of the guitar? If I pay a fair price, light pick scratches are ok, but dings and chips in the paint bug me. Plenty of mint condition used guitars out there. But a really good deal on a guitar with dings is not so bad......MORE »
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Pushead replied to the forum post Need Help with a kh-202 strings not straight

Either the bridge or the neck has shifted slightly.  Loosen the strings and see if the bridge has shifted toward the high E.  It looks like that may be the case.If that doesn't fix it, with the strings still loose,......MORE »

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Mazze F. liked the article Aug 20: Metallica to Open U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

The NFL's Minnesota Vikings have a brand-spanking-new home for the upcoming football season: U.S. Bank Stadium, located in Minneapolis. On Saturday August 20, the venue is hosting its very first rock concert, and......MORE »