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MarcoNL replied to the forum post If you could bring back 2...

The Stef Carpenter 6 string with the reversed headstock in see-through green and natural mahogany. In an affordable LTD version ofcourse!......MORE »

MarcoNL posted a comment on the video Bill Kelliher (Mastodon) and the LTD BK-600

This LTD has the two volume knobs at a different place than the LTD version I saw earlier. Kinda curious what positions they will end up.......MORE »

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MarcoNL replied to the forum post Pepper Keenan Sig?

Do you mean that he should get a signature Guitar?     Definitely! I've seen him use custom shop ESP's at every COC gig. The man is a true riff lord and I would love to have one of those SG/Vipers! ......MORE »

MarcoNL posted the forum post Pepper Keenan Sig?

I think it's bout time Pepper Keenan got his ESP/LTD Signature model! Love his distressed custom SG/Viper with the COC inlays. All mahogany, ebony fingerboard, SD Invader in the bridge pos and a Pearly Gates in the......MORE »