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shitty weather again :/ Comment
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On May 7, 8, and 9, 2014, bass legend and ESP player Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power) joined us for a three-day cruise around some of our finest ESP dealers in Southern California to give free master class clinics to the lucky......MORE »
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If you've ever been on YouTube and stumbled across a video of a super impressive young guitarist who tends to do outrageous metal versions of well-known video game, TV, and movie themes, chances are you're already familiar......MORE »
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Breaking Benjamin is on fire right now. Their new album Dark Before Dawn, scheduled for release on June 23, hit #1 on iTunes’ rock album chart within an hour of pre-order availability. Currently out on the road, the......MORE »
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Vedran P. liked the article Bruce Kulick ESP Clinic at Bizarre Guitar

Everyone in the Reno, NV area, take note: mark your calendars for Thursday July 2, when Bruce Kulick will be at Greg Golden's Bizarre Guitar from 4-6PM for a free ESP clinic, live performance, and Q&A session.......MORE »
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Surprisingly, we still talk to many people who aren’t aware that each year, the NAMM organization hosts not one but two shows. Pretty much everyone who’s ever picked up a guitar is aware of the well-known NAMM......MORE »
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Vedran P. posted a comment on the poll What is your favorite guitarmodel of these 3 brands? 1. ESP/LTD 2. Gibson 3. Jackson

esp baby, all the way.., then gibson and jackson in the end......MORE »
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I like gear and buttons and stuff....oh look a LED...........MORE »
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Vedran P. voted EC-1000 Koa
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Respect !......MORE »
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When Children of Bodom are getting ready to release a new full-length album, it's big news in the world of metal. It's certainly news for anyone who admires the playing of Bodom's ESP-shredding frontman Alexi Laiho, ESP......MORE »

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simply badass. Although what I'm confused about is that is that pickguard custom and this is just the ltd SCT-607B?......MORE »

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Some of my last projects made this year. Sagitta Lyrae - Moon Tears......MORE »