-_- replied to the forum post I Wish

2013-11-23 00:32:21 UTC
I wish more companys would sell direct and give us a custom shop at a decent price like agile or carvin......MORE »

-_- replied to the forum post What would your custom ESP look like?

2013-11-21 02:36:00 UTC
Neckthru st with a birdseye maple neck, fretboard, and body top, mahogony body wings. Evertune bridge, dimarzio billy corgan pickguard. Black-brown-yellow finish with a vintage tint satin neck. With no inlays :)......MORE »

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2013-11-20 02:18:45 UTC
I have a esp sc500, ibanez sr 5 string, and soon either a ibanez m80m or spector euro 5. And prob a esp st 203 in the near future if I can find one with a maple fretboard. ......MORE »

-_- replied to the forum post Low volume amps

2013-11-20 02:08:57 UTC
I wish I could go with tubes but all the micro tube amps I tried were still to loud. And not being able to crank them is a tease. I think I might be stuck with SS amps for now unless something awesome comes out at namm. ......MORE »

-_- posted the forum post Low volume amps

2013-11-19 21:00:56 UTC
I live in a apartment and can't have big amps. I used to have a little fender 8 inch speaker combo that had perfect volume, but lacked features. I was thinking about running a line 6 pod hd x into a rocktron 100 power amp and......MORE »