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ESP, LTD, and Jackson
Gaming and Guitars
anime and game shows
dragonheart, school of rock, and most old disney
Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and Power Metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Ibanez, boss pedals, dunlop jazz III, and ernie ball strings
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
herman li, andy james, Alexi lahio, Randy Rhodes, Gus G, and synyster gates
About me:

Greeting's all, my name is Synix and I am a furry Guitar player from the U.K. I've be playing guitar around 6 years now and have not long taken delivery of my first ESP which is a beautiful MP-600 model. It plays a treat and sounds amasing, i am 100% sold on ESP guitars!

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Synix posted the forum post New shapes for USA line.

During the Livestream I was told new shapes are planned for the range. Do we happen to have expectations of them?Personally I'm hoping for a V, EX or the Random Star to be made avalible, however, other uses, post here what......MORE »

Synix replied to the forum post Improve/upgrade the LTD logo please :)

Personally I really wish they'd use the script logo more often. I think it's better looking then both the block fonts. But then I do get the block font has been ESP's thing for a long time.......MORE »

Synix posted the forum post Is the clearance just for U.S?

I'm just honestly wondering. I get the warehouse is in the states, but if you really want stuff shifted, wouldn't it make more sense to open the sale up to the world? Your stuff would move faster for certain. I mean, at the......MORE »

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