gah! why can't ESP do any V's with floyds? - updated 2014-10-07 04:15:47 UTC
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ESP, LTD, and Jackson
Gaming and Guitars
anime and game shows
dragonheart, school of rock, and most old disney
Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and Power Metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Ibanez, boss pedals, dunlop jazz III, and ernie ball strings
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
herman li, andy james, Alexi lahio, Randy Rhodes, Gus G, and synyster gates
About me:

Greeting's all, my name is Synix and I am a furry Guitar player from the U.K. I've be playing guitar around 6 years now and have not long taken delivery of my first ESP which is a beautiful MP-600 model. It plays a treat and sounds amasing, i am 100% sold on ESP guitars!

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Synix posted a comment on the comment Custom Shop Gallery: Custom Order

2014-11-13 04:36:43 UTC
Hang on, What? A Rathalos styled guitar is on here? when did THAT slip past my radar, link please?......MORE »

Synix posted a comment on the photo Awk Pizza

2014-11-13 04:35:57 UTC
Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's should be playing this guitar, it fit's him perfectly aside from the back! This guitar always brings a smile to my face, ESP have such beautiful and elegent guitars... and then they have......MORE »

Synix posted a comment on the photo V Spreitzer

2014-11-13 04:32:06 UTC
I always complain about the price of the custom shop, but only because I can't afford one, ah the dreams of the average guitarist. Still every guitar they make is a master piece.......MORE »

Synix replied to the forum post V's

2014-11-13 04:30:43 UTC
yeah I guess, although personlly I think it works both ways because if the option isn't there people can't play it. To be honest I don't care if they make a V/EX 50 with a cheap FR speical, It gives me the body with a......MORE »

Synix replied to the forum post V's

2014-11-13 04:27:49 UTC
the V standered, the SV, and just generally more options would be very liked.......MORE »