esp basses
Sponge bob
horrors, comedy, action, and action
post-metal, death, and hardcore
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Ampeg and boss
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
ESP Forest std stl 5
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Serg von M liked the article Artist Spotlight: Jerry Jemmott

During the 1960s, the entire approach to composing, arranging, performing, and producing music in regard to the bass changed radically. The decade began with the standard still being the upright acoustic bass, and ended with......MORE »
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Serg von M liked the article Alex Skolnick's Top Ten Jazz Albums

Alex Skolnick is probably best known by fellow ESP players as the widely-respected, highly-influential guitarist of Bay Area thrash legends Testament. But there's another direction to Mr. Skolnick's music that very few......MORE »
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Serg von M liked the article Francesco Fareri: "Universal Collision" Playthrough

Here's Francesco Fareri doing a playthrough from the title track of his new solo album Universal Collision that comes out later this month. This Italian ESP player never fails to impress with his fluid, melodic, innovative,......MORE »
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Serg von M liked the article ESP Bass Spotted on Today Show Paisley Park Story

As some of you are already aware, today is the day that Paisley Park — the massive Chanhassen, MN-based compound where Prince lived and worked — is opening on a limited basis to the public as a museum. Yesterday morning, we......MORE »
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Serg von M liked the article 30 Years of Slayer's Reign in Blood

Gather around the campfire, kids, and we'll tell you what 1986 was like. Ronald Reagan was president of the USA. A typical new car was under $10,000. There were bad times (like the explosion of the Space Shuttle......MORE »