ESP MII and i have 3
gothic metal, surfing, cars, and outdoors
sleepy hollow
symphonic metal, gothic metal, and power metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
ESP MII, marshall jvm 210, engl fireball 100, mogami cables, shure - sm57, dunlop crybaby cb535q, ibanez ts808, tortex 1.00 pic, boss tu-3, marshall cabs, engl vs30 cabs, apple, pro tools, and tc electronic nova delay
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
joe satriani, tony iommi, micheal ammot, and kirk hammit
About me:
I only play ESP. My band... Dreamwitch. Love to play guitar and be out doors. Been playing for 30 years
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Given the choice, I would rather the ESP logo on the headstock.  I think it played perfectly, but that logo means a lot around here.......MORE »
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hi all ive seen some of the e2 guitars and took my esp m2 standard to my shop to play. i found small problems with some e2 guitars, yes thay are still better then most all guitars in the price range, but so was the standard.......MORE »
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you will love esp i have 3 m2 guitars and yhay are the best guitars ive ever had......MORE »
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I did complain about the rebranding and got a new jackson but my old m2s are still my favorite. So I tryed a e2...... NOT EVEN AS GOOD the finish had blemishs and the guitar did not feel like me old m2.... Hay ESP I tryed!!!!......MORE »