KFW posted the forum post R u alive forum?

2014-01-05 18:32:45 UTC
Well...I remember saying I would stick with this forum for my entire life. But the layout has become physically uncomfortable to use.  And I can't post links, but as a 2006 forum veteran (I have seen it ALL) I know some......MORE »

KFW replied to the forum post Do You Even Eat? Official ESP Good Eats Thread

2013-12-13 20:21:22 UTC
Jesus, Moloch. I can't tell if that sucks or is awesome. If I were you, I'd eat CONSTANTLY. Today I took a banana, and wrapped a tortilla with peanut butter around it. It kicked ass.......MORE »

KFW replied to the forum post New fam pics! *Caparison and Gibson content*

2013-12-10 22:52:57 UTC
Damn. Kick ass collection dude!  ......MORE »

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2013-12-04 08:42:37 UTC
I've found it hard to post here, because it's inherently confusing to read the threads. I can't help but read it like how the forum used to be, and before I know I realize I don't know what the shit is going on. And the......MORE »

KFW replied to the forum post Feedback Thread

2013-11-28 10:38:34 UTC
What are the rules, and where did you guys here about all these "rules"?   This forum just has a weird guestbook type of vibe.........MORE »

KFW replied to the forum post Recording Question

2013-11-28 00:07:39 UTC
Track with two different tones, and it'll give you a wider stereo image. How different the tones are is up to you--sometimes I'll just throw a tubescreamer on one side but keep the tones otherwise the same, or I'll make......MORE »

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2013-11-28 00:03:42 UTC