Deni posted the forum post What's your prefered sting brand, type, gauge/tuning setup?

2014-02-17 22:05:01 UTC
In the ocean of strings, what do you prefer on what guitar and why?I play on DR strings. All of my guitars are set with low string height, as low as possible. .09 gauge for standard E .12 gauge Drop down tuning-strings......MORE »

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2014-02-17 21:59:44 UTC
Holy satan, even the little homerig sounds great when I want it to! Comment

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2014-02-16 17:42:08 UTC
Look overe here, ladies and gentlemen. This is what envy spells like. ......MORE »

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2014-02-16 17:36:29 UTC
Short answer to this superold thread:My standars are flawless builds. The LTD deluxes I've owned and played are not flawless builds, close but no cigar. Is it worth the price? Thats up to every guitarist to......MORE »