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And mine, well almost..........MORE »
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That's mine in my Avatar......MORE »
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Hi all Does anyone know what make of strings ESP ship guitars with? Also, as I've read elsewhere on here that string type/guage can affect tonal qualities of EMG pickups, any suggestions of a brand? I'm on 10's, standard......MORE »

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This should have been air brushed, airbrushing doesn't leave brush strokes. This artist that did the Graffitis did not typically apply art to the trem recess.  I also have never seen kirk or anyone......MORE »
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Sweet.  That's what I thought and was hoping for. Thanks.......MORE »

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The LTD ouijas don't come with COAs that's why you guys don't have them.  ......MORE »

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Good question and congrats on the score. Mine is #479 and I didn't get one with mine either.  I wasn't even sure they came with it.......MORE »
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Sure, come on over.  We'll have tea.......MORE »
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