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Exactly what ESPEXP said they are completely discontinued. That shape is long gone. But some regular MX's float around on eBay. They go fast tho. Those old MX's are very sought after.    Cheers! ......MORE »
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Arpeggio's and grind, a combination to blow your mind! Comment

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Not sure if this is the death knell of the KH-DC but noticed ESP is now blowing the LTD version out for $549 on the site and also it has been removed from the products page. Only the LTD version was removed. Looks like they......MORE »
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So...why am I not endoresed, yet?!! »
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To save money don't cut off the ball end. Place them threw the tuners to the Floyd, cut them 1 - 1 1/2 inch past the floyd. Because 99.9 percent of the time they will break at the angle of the Floyd. When one breaks just......MORE »
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