JAMES M. voted on the poll Which bands will you see this summer? Or already have seen?

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JAMES M. voted on the poll Which summer addition to the lineup is your favorite?

JAMES M. voted EC-1000 Koa
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Lol, only posted up the pic of the Brothers car because we were talking 300C's.Here is his current car. A 2005 BMW 750Li. Bought it years ago after selling the 300C.This car rolls on 22's, could not fit 24's on it he said.......MORE »
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Hi ESPEXP. Congrats on your new guitar, hope you will enjoy it. Erick seems to be a cool guy.......MORE »

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ESP348 has a 1up for everything. I bet if I post my gold plated toilet, he'll have one that's diamond encrusted. inb4 cousin's challenger hellcat.......MORE »
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My favourite thread.  ......MORE »
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Lol. ......MORE »

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the diameter......MORE »