ESP LTD Truckster
NBA Premium
Through The Never
Metal and #metallica
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
line 6 spider iv 75w
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Jame Hetfield and kirk hammet
About me:

i love Metallica and ESP Guitars

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2014-10-04 09:05:22 UTC
We’re glad that our revamped site points system for the ESP community is working out well for everyone, and we’re happy to announce our first month’s winners! Remember, the points start at zero for......MORE »
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2014-08-26 08:20:32 UTC
Eryll Reyes

Eryll Reyes disliked the comment on Arnaud B.

2014-07-25 08:23:33 UTC
Kirk hammet is one hell of a guitar artist so i can understand he's ur fav. ......MORE »
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2014-07-04 04:37:18 UTC
Eryll Reyes voted Line 6
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2014-07-04 04:36:41 UTC