Hora and Aria stratocaster
guitar practice, gym, ice skating, and making melodies
My Wife and Kids and According to Jim
RRRrrrr!, Fast Five, Fast Six, transformers, and through the never
metalcore, #metallica, irish folk-punk, hardcore, post hardcore, and nu metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Orange crushPix 20LDX and Boss ml-2
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
James Hetfield, Abbath, Alexi Laiho, synyster gates, Jason Newsted, Fieldy, Munky, Head, Josh Gilbert, Jim Root, and Wes Borland
About me:

Hy everyone. I'm Geri from Hungary. I like guitars and their sounds. I've been playing guitar for 4 years, I've got a customized Aria stratocaster, and really like it.

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Thank you for joining the ESP community. We welcome you to the ESP site, and want to make your experiences enjoyable. This means we have measures in place to help fight spam. It’s simple to remove any new user......MORE »

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Guitars:Aria STG-003 (loaded with EMGs  ) Hora classic Amp.:Orange Crush pix 20LDX Pedal:BOSS ML-2......MORE »

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I find there's not much of a tension difference between tunings. I primarily use standard, Drop D, and Drop C, but I have a couple tuned to D standard and Drop C#.   I've never tried anything heavier, but I used to use......MORE »

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Seems like there's a professional 10-46 strng user among us  If you say so, I believe you. Also give it a try with all the others mentioned above  thanks for the hint. ......MORE »

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Yeah.. top strings are not even overused in my hands.. The only reason I won't like to get a string above 50, is that I find the neck a bit weak..  But well, I'll just give it a try then.  thanks for the......MORE »