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2014-01-25 01:09:34 UTC
I own both an ESP Standard Horizon FR-7 and a Gibson Les Paul Custom. The LP was about 4 grand including taxes while the ESP was about 2200. The ESP is LEAPS forwards in quality, materials, finishing, attention to detail,......MORE »
Leo Vannucci

Leo Vannucci replied to the forum post Japanese Standards with Old Logo?

2014-01-25 01:06:21 UTC
Well, tell me about it. Not only does it look generic, they only made it for one year! I own an ESP Standard FR-7 with the new block/slanted logo (very similar to the LTD Elite or the E-II logos) thinking it was "the new......MORE »
Leo Vannucci

Leo Vannucci posted the forum post Confused.... The NT-

2014-01-25 01:02:58 UTC
I was told by ESP's customer service (as well as people from ESP on the forum) that the E-II series was OFFICIALLY the exact same thing as the ESP Standard series that has been sadly discontinued.  If you read at......MORE »