esp truckster and ltd south of heaven
guitar and trash metal
quentin tarrantino
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
marshall, orange dark terror, and mesa boogie throttle box
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
the mummy of kirk and the iron cross of james
About me:

Dear guitar freaks,

as a trash fan I own several guitars. My aim is to have a guitar of my guitar hero's of Metallica and Slayer.

In my collection I have an esp truckster, a Rsp KH2, an Ltd south of heaven and  a Kerry king v of BC rich

the only gituar I still miss is of Kirk . Are there any suggestions you can give me About

one of his models



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Kurt S. voted The one who plays all of the chugs and power chords (Rhythm guitarist)
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Our friends in Metallica are doing something very cool: giving away a limited-edition LTD "Ride the Lightning" guitar. As you probably know, we made only 300 of the "Ride the Lightning" Graphic Series LTD guitars in 2014......MORE »
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