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It is 8am and everyone is asleep. I'm bored. If I only had my guitar here (they all be awake LOL) Have to find something cool to buy, so I have something to play when I'm bored and we have nothing planned. Love being here in San Antonio and in the state, but I miss my guitar. Comment
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tatoESPlove liked the video Bill Kelliher (Mastodon) and the LTD BK-600

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ESP 348

ESP 348 replied to the forum post ESP custom eclipse / khdc / jh-3 / truckster VS. Gibson custom les Pauls mod to KH DIFFERENCES ? what's better pros cons and for clean and or distortion

Sounds like they are pricing them cheap to get them out the door Big Daddy.......MORE »
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Awesome guitar! Someone is going to get a beauty and I am looking forward to seeing what it sells for.......MORE »
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Can't be ordered, but one can be made if you buy an MX250. ......MORE »

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Great pics Alex and thanks for sharing your thoughts and messages with the original owner Bob.I love my Vintage, it's ony of my favourite guitars. The tone and sustain is amazing as I am sure you are well aware.I just had a......MORE »

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Credits of the photo go to Steve Fisher (smfpics.com)Taken at one of Nottingham biggist venues: The Recue RoomsAm playing my LTD-EC 1000 that I have since 2007! This guitar has been with me through everything! love......MORE »

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