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Pablo C. voted EC-1000 Koa
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muhammad anwar

muhammad anwar posted the forum post ESP KH-2 NTB

hi i would like to know is there any difference in quality,material use and specs of esp kh-2 ntb SS and K serial number? custom shop and standard series... or its just marketing strategy to price custom K series higher......MORE »

RZK replied to the forum post The Fake ESP Thread

Yes, it is genuine, and thank you for using my thread.  Buy it. Those '90s ESPs are the best, IMO.......MORE »
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Dzhainoll liked the article Summer NAMM 2015: Rocking Hard in Nashville

Surprisingly, we still talk to many people who aren’t aware that each year, the NAMM organization hosts not one but two shows. Pretty much everyone who’s ever picked up a guitar is aware of the well-known NAMM......MORE »
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Gfunk replied to the forum post NBD - Horizon 5

Solid blue:   ......MORE »
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Pushead replied to the forum post The Fake ESP Thread

Yes, mid to late 90s Horizon.......MORE »

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Our recent "Extended Range Sweepstakes" is now over, and we have a winner! Joe Chavez of Yorkville, IL had his choice of three of our cool new 7-string baritone guitars... the LTD EC-407B, the MH-417B, or the......MORE »
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Rosarie M. voted More extended range guitars
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Hi, I'm interested in buying this guitar. What do you guys think, is it legit ? ......MORE »

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