epiphone les paul custom, esp ltd v-200, ltd jeff hanneman jh-200DC, epiphone exlorer, dean dime-o-flage, and bc rich kkv2
assassin's creed, batman arkham series, gig's, band practice, and collecting vinyl
game of thrones, sons of anarchy, batman, history channel, anything on war history, and anything on the history of egypt
dracula, the wolf man, frankenstein, bride of frankenstein, house of dracula, the invisible man, scars of dracula, creature from the black lagoon, the mummy, frankenstein meest the wolfman, son of dracula, the fifth element, battle royal, kill bill vol 1 & 2, lord of the rings trilogy, the hobbit, the dark knight trilogy, batman legacy, alien quadrilogy, and superman collection
deathmetal, grind core, thrash metal, groove metal, black metal, melodic metal, doom metal, heavy metal, folk metal, viking death metal, celtic metal, stoner doom, and blackened death metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
marshall mg series practice amp
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
bill steer, eric clapton, jeff walker, jeff loomis, kk downing, steve vaï, joe satriani, john petrucci, tak matsumoto, paul gilbert, george harrison, ihsahn, and samoth
About me:
I'm a big carcass fan, and a big batman fan at that, I enjoy keeping myself to myself and writing riffs in a nice silent space where I am able to think more carefully on structuring my riffs and my lyrics, I'm a fan of role playing video games such as assassin's creed, I enjoy this series of games very much as I am a fan of history and puzzles at that. I'm easy going and enjoy a few beers here and there, specially with band mates or with writing partners, friends so on. I'm a big fan of wychwood brand ales and beers.
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Thats awesome, so you saw them on thr Inked in Steel tour, I'll be watching Death To All with Massacre in March ......MORE »

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Just saw Carcass and Exhumed on this past Monday Nov. 10th 2014 at the Crowfoot ballroom in Pnitiac Mi. Excellent!......MORE »

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2014-10-27 13:28:45 UTC
Hey there folks, How're we all doing then ? It's been a while since I posted anything on here so I thought I would ask as a cheesey little thing, what is your halloween soundtrack for this year ?.  ......MORE »

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