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Guitar, Music, Law, and Books
Breaking Bad, Burn Notice, Fringe, Almost Human, Dexter, and American Horror Story
Action and Sci-Fi
Death Metal, melodic death metal, ambient, new age, and black metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Randall RH150, digitech metal master guitar distortion pedal xmm, and dunlop crybaby
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Tommy Emanuel
About me:

Avid alcohol lover. Amateur social media evangelist. Communicator. Travel geek. Tv junkie. Coffee fanatic. Guitar addict.

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2014-08-20 09:30:51 UTC
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2014-08-20 09:30:49 UTC
Where to buy it?!......MORE »
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2014-08-11 09:45:12 UTC
Michal B. voted EMG
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2014-08-11 09:26:38 UTC
I can recommend you Shure PGXD14, i used it long time. Really low latency, i didnt notice any signal loss. If you have any additional questions - pm me ......MORE »