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Shaun M.

Shaun M. replied to the forum post wireless system recommendation

2014-08-13 22:56:38 UTC
may not be a popular option, but I have a Nady UHF-4. its like 100 bucks (usd) but I really dont think its too bad. I havent compared it to other systems but I dont notice too much difference between it and a normal cable.......MORE »
Shaun M.

Shaun M. posted the forum post Ec-1000 dates?

2014-07-23 04:24:40 UTC
I've been trying to get a decent feel of when my guitars were made...I've got a red ec 1000 with sperzel tuners and black hardware. Until a few months ago, I was unaware that ec1000's now have black chrome hardware and esp......MORE »
Shaun M.

Shaun M. posted a comment on the photo George Lopez playing the LTD PT-4 signature bass

2014-02-18 03:41:48 UTC
is that George Lopez?......MORE »