Ec500 and esp ltd ec1000stbc
playing guitar and playing drums
frasier and seinfeld
No country for old men
metallica and volbeat
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
mesa roadking2, randall cabinets, digitech whammy, and dunlop crybaby kirk hammet
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
kirk hammet
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Shaun M.

Shaun M. replied to the forum post Pickups? What are the best?

a lot of people don't enjoy EMGs, but I have EMG 81/60 combo in all of my guitars and i love em!......MORE »
Shaun M.

Shaun M. posted a comment on the poll What is your preferred headstock match with the "Horizon/H" body shape?

I like the normal pointed headstock but I love the curved head on the horizon body......MORE »
Shaun M.

Shaun M. voted on the poll Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax or Slayer?

Shaun M. voted Metallica
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Shaun M.

Shaun M. voted on the poll Who would be your favorite effects manufacturer out of these?

Shaun M. voted MXR
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Shaun M.

Shaun M. voted on the poll What would you modify in a workhorse guitar?

Shaun M. voted pickups
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