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101 replied to the forum post NGD! Got my first ESP. Anything special about it?

2014-07-19 23:09:12 UTC
Not sure I get it, looks like someone took an orbital sander to a quilt veneer on a mahogany body.......MORE »

101 replied to the forum post I Miss You Guys

2014-04-14 21:29:44 UTC
7 string does have a great classified and dealer section, it's not nearly as entertaining as you guys used to be tho.  It seems kinda too big, too many sections.  Tons of great info, but not enough Tom foolery to......MORE »

101 replied to the forum post Replacing Tuners on MH-350nt, help?

2014-03-04 23:19:30 UTC
I think the esp branded tuners are dimensionally the same as the gotohs here: (nm can't post links, wtf is wrong with this place)  ......MORE »