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ESP Guitars
Playing Guitar and Time with Family
I watch to much
Action, Sci-fi, and Anything that's awesome
late 80's hard rock
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
jcm900 half stack and digitech rp1000
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
George Lynch
About me:

My name is Chad Bedwell and I been playing as of 4-22-2014  for 30 years

Lead/Rhythm Guitar. I been Giving Guitar Lessons for the Last 18 Years & I

play Srtictly ESP Guitars  & nothing but. Now I would consider myself one of the Last

True Late 80's Big Hair band Guitarist. My Style is a Mix between my Main Influence's which is

George Lynch,Zakk Wylde,& Warren De Martini...  These Guys have been like the ICONIC GODS of my years upon this Earth and I have been Soulfully Inspired by them all in so many ways Especially George Lynch... 

  • Chad17

    To all my Friends on here I have went to try and watch My videos and Some of all your Videos and it's Not Pulling any of them up Just a Black screenare any of you guys having the same problem or what????????


  • Chad17

    To ALL my Friends, check out Some of my NEW PHOTOS, I just Posted on here With Pics of My 2 Lynch Model ESP's and The Orange Quilted Maple Custom ESP Lynch used in the Video "Lynch tearing up the Guitar" on YOUTUBE...... Also I just got my Custom ESP tele.  I have 2 Project GUITARS NOW WHICH ARE THE Orange Quilted Maple and My New ESP Custom tele....

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Do you have any Video Links of you Playing????  If so send them to me!......MORE »

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Hey if you have any pedals you migh Like to send my Way, I would be more than Honored to Demo them for you and send them Back..Or any that you may not want you would like to share or Giveaway!......MORE »