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2013-12-19 22:54:49 UTC
I could have sworn I posted this already... MIJ Charvel Pro Mod, in candy blue, with the old Pagan Gold USA Pro Mod. Flank shots for Gfunk...  ......MORE »

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2013-12-18 23:29:18 UTC

jet66 became friends with Shockers

2013-12-17 12:48:05 UTC

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2013-12-13 15:09:53 UTC
pics or it didn't happen      ......MORE »

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2013-12-13 14:28:05 UTC
So I guess I'm the only one watching this badass show. You don't know what you are missing... Marathon on Sundance channel this Sunday, I believe. This coming Thursday is the season finale, shit be gettin' cray.......MORE »