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esp eclipse, taylor acoustic, and fender stratocaster
shouldn't you be playing guitar and wieght lifting
sony bravia
batman trilogy/superhero movies
#metallica, lamb of god, and five finerger death punch
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
line 6 spider iv 30 watt, fender super champ x2 amp, and marshall avt 100
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
john pettrucci and james hetfiled
About me:

Metal head from NJ! Love all types of music.....saving up for my next ESP, which one am I going to get? hmmmmmm

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Ken voted on the poll What's your opinion on Music Streaming services like Spotify, pandora, a bit of YouTube, tidal, Rdio, etc. ?

Ken voted I hate them. They have to go
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Ken voted Metallica
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