ltd ec-401fm
Movies, Guitar practice, and Going out
LG 42LA6608
To Manny to count and To Manny to count
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
peavey 6505
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Zoltan bathory and Zoltan bathory
About me:

first of i LOVE ESP guitars , i always scout the internet for the latest models and i love every singe detail about it. other then that I live life to the max. have as much fun as possible. Im going to move to the USA this year !!!! which is tottaly awesome! :P. Music is my life and i dont think i spend so much as even a mere second without listening to music. Ive always loved (hard)rock/(heavy)metal ever since i was a lil kid i was drawn to it more then anythin else. Ive always wanted to be an amazing guitar player but i have a long road ahead of me since you never really stop learning ;) 

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The Pegasus/Sentient will sound killer in any mahogany body. I'm getting this because I'm interested in the stock pickups tho.......MORE »

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I just hope it will still be available by the time I got money for it.   P.s  you guys think the pegasus and sentient combo wil work good in this ......MORE »

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country sux  ......MORE »

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I bit to much gain I think. sounds Like static noise......MORE »