ESP Iron Cross, ESP EXP, ESP Truckster grey, ESP JH-1, ESP The Grynch, 1991 Gibson Les Paul Standard, and Most of the ESPs are for Sale!!!
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vdubs75 replied to the forum post WTB esp or ltd mx250

2014-08-12 21:50:39 UTC
Pretty sure there is no LTD MX250. Or is there?The LTDs were bolt-ons called EXP 200...300 and so on. There was also a ESP EXP bolt-on. ......MORE »

vdubs75 posted the forum post JH-2 SOLD! ESP Iron Cross, JH-1,The Grynch, Truckster for sale!

2014-08-10 13:04:52 UTC
I just sold the JH-2 to a member of this board. I guess he'll be willing to give anyone feedback how the sale went and about the accuracy of the description of the guitart if needed.  I still have these beauties......MORE »

vdubs75 updated his profile

2014-08-10 11:13:15 UTC